Coworking Day Cowocat & Regional Workshop Coworkmed

29 th june 2017 – Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats, Barcelona

We are advancing the usual date of the Coworking Day COWOCAT  for the opportunity that the COWORKMED European project and its participating partners of Barcelona, France, Italy, Greece and Croatia gives us. COWORKMED is a European project that works on the art of #coworking and its impact in different territories. We were offered to participate by the partners of Barcelona, Barcelona Activa and BIBA Venture Partners, because of our networking experience and our knowledge in the field. The Regional Workshop Coworkmed of Barcelona serves as the appropriate setting for the exhibition and sharing of this knowledge. We will be able to provide insight through our experiences and demonstrate the balance and work of the future that we propose as an association within the world of innovation and in relation to the changes that society is continuously generating.

We will exhibit the strength of the concept of #coworking as a dynamic tool, new trends in businesses coming from collaborative formats, and have an interesting conversation where we will seek opportunities for change, innovation and transformation that the concept can give us in a future professional and social setting.

We invite you to an intense working day where we would like for you, in addition to gaining exposure and insight from the content, share and contribute ideas that you may have in common from an external perspective, ideas that may be interesting for work in the future.

It is a day of free content, we just ask for a brief registration in order to have an estimate of the capacity and to facilitate the organization of the space. YOU CAN REGISTER HERE.

Attached in this link the pdf of the program and we hope to see you on 29 th june


*The meals are not included. We will provide information on dining options and suitable areas to eat.

*Free coffee and tea tasting by LADOSI.

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